Which Countries Recognize LGBT Rights as Human Rights? (Infographic)

Now that the United Nations is officially in the business of recognizing LGBT rights as human rights, it’s time to take a look at which countries are still beefing about homos.

In which countries will being gay get you killed? Jailed? A parade thrown in your honor? Don’t plan a vacation abroad without checking out today’s infographic first!
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(via UB reader @briantschu source: ColorLines)

  • Doesn’t Brazil have marriage rights?

  • Brian Tofte-Schumacher
  • Ah ShowMeGuy, it always has been a lie. It started with, “all men are created equal”.

  • Screw it, I’m moving to the UK

  • ShowMeGuy

    Looks like 26 countries are living the promise called AMERICA.
    The *land of the free and the home of the brave* is looking like a liar.

  • Anonymous

    Americans are no better than Egyptians, Malians, the Chinese, Russians, Mongolians, Indians, Hatians, or Cubans.  We are better than no one at anything.  You can see that from these maps, our culture does not actually value life, liberty, property, human rights, individualism, or the well-being of all citizens.  

  • Anonymous

    But if you’re a Republican, some people are “more equal than others.”

  • I like how half of Nigeria is contradicting itself and that 20% of Somalia Africa is doing the same. and I like how some country’s are remaining neutral for the sake of keeping to ones self like mature people instead of arguing the truth called everyone’s human so everyone has the right to do what they want as long as its right.