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White Supremacist Hired As Principal of Majority Black & Latino Bronx School

frank borzellieri, white supremacist principal, white supremacist principal bronx, white supremacist bronx
This is seriously Frank Borzellieri’s book cover. And yes, he is holding a bat.

Worst principal ever?

Frank Borzellieri, 48, was quietly promoted to principal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School two years ago – despite a history of controversial writings and campaigns, including a push to ban a biography on the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

In 2004, Borzellieri wrote the book “Don’t Take It Personally: Race, Immigration, Crime and Other Heresies,” in which he declares “diversity is a weakness” and says the rising black and Hispanic populations in America will lead to the “New Dark Age.”

Mount Carmel pastor, the Rev. Eric Rapaglia, said he knew of Borzellieri’s views, but didn’t “see any cause for concern” when he hired him to run the 200-student elementary school.

“I knew of him from my last parish,” he said. “Do I agree with all of it? No. But I think much of it is valuable and logical and reasonable.

A lot of his ideas would actually benefit minorities,” he added.

Yes, his ideas about purifying the white race will surely benefit the hispanic and black children in his care. Forsooth!

Borzellieri has also banned teachers from mentioning homosexuality and fired a teacher for being gay. And that ban on King? Borzellieri did it because he found the man behind the famous “I have a dream” speech to be anti-American.

(via NY Daily News)

  • o the woods are filled with crazy’s

  • I think he should join a popular discussion group called KKK.

  • Luinne D’Llard

    Oh my god somebody please assassinate this twat.

  • drew f

    … how are the parents not outraged and causing a shitstorm? I assume most of them are also hispanic and black

  • ShowMeGuy

    He can’t get *assassinated*…..he isn’t important.  Just murder him.

  • ShowMeGuy

    …and Hitler had some good ideas……

    Yeeaaahhhhh. riiiiight.

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    Well. Charming. Yeah.

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    I’m with ShowMeGuy on this one. Don’t make him a martyr by assassinating him. Murder is all he gets. 

  • Sonja Lund

    According to the NY Daily News article, they tried to.  No luck.

  • Sonja Lund

    He’s been fired! 😀 NY Archdiocese just announced it today.

  • Don’t kill him that would make him a martyr  to those sickkos.. I do have som tattoo ideas for his face

  • makes me glad my sis lives in hoboken!

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    Closet case, he’s probably blown more black guys than Hurricane Catrina !

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    You win an internet xD

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