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Who Run The World? (Burning Man) Girls

Beyonce goes full-on playa-chic in her latest video for Girls (Who Run The World). B holds court in Center Camp while mutant artcars burn in the background.

We’re not quite sure what to make of the riot police in the video, and everyone knows dogs (and hyenas for that matter) at the Burn are a no-no of epic proportions. But seriously, homegirl was clearly influenced by the annual 50,000+ beautiful people festival in the middle of the Black Rock Desert.

What do you think of all the fancy footwork in B’s new vid?

  • Anonymous

    garbage cans on fire are so chic.

  •  i thought the video was nice… but the song is horrible. 

  • Xtina

     She can’t do wrong. 

  •  Love the mad max, but god that song was awful. I thought my washing machine was on the fritz. 

  • Anonymous

     Awful, how old is she again!? If Willow Smith did this, I’d say oh thats cute. But this is blatant pandering. ughhhh

  • This is horrible and does nothing for women!!

  • Michelle Lee

    Love this song it gets me fired up 😀  <3 Beyonce