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Who Wants Some Spotted Dick?

gay blog: gay food, funny food, weird foodSo, this exists:

Anyone up for some Spotted Dick? Nick assures me it’s huge in Europe. Get it? Geeeet it?

OK, back to work.

  • Anonymous

    That’s pretty awesome!!!

    You guys should check out the pictures of cats with captions on them too, they’re pretty crazy!

  • Im pretty sure you stole my picture on my fb! I found it first!!!

  • Emily Phillips

    Oh god I laughed so hard.

  • omg, this is such a waste of webspace. It’s a traditional thing here in the UK. It’s not so popular these days, but oldies love it. It’s a spongey dessert that’s eatenw ith custard. I know it’s a funny name, but most of us grew up enough to get over this by the age of 4. *yawn*

  • Maяk Яichдяd Mдиlєy

    thats normall for me LOL