Colby Keller voted for trump

Gay Porn Star Colby Keller Explains the Really Dumb Reason He Voted For Trump

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Gay porn star Colby Keller says he voted for Trump … but he’s actually a communist.

In an interview with Mel Magazine, Keller said:

I’m a little surprised he’s as aggressive on ‘the wall’ as he said he would be.

But I’m not surprised people like Trump and corporate America are going to the lengths they are in a system that’s no longer defensible. They’ll stop at nothing.

(Then, uh, maybe you shouldn’t have voted for him, Colby.)

The porn star adds, “Things will get a lot worse, and that will get us to a point where we need to be.”

(Great! Tell that to the 100,000 people who lost their visas in the Muslim ban, or the people who are going to have to drink water filled with coal runoff.)

Keller appears to be an accelerationist, a person who believes that making things really bad really quickly will motivate people to finally have a glorious revolution that will create a better society.

It’s a terrible school of thought. For one thing, it ignores the fact that, as pretty much all of human history attests, living in an oppressive hell hole does not spur people into a glorious revolution. Human beings can learn to tolerate absolutely miserable living conditions. (See, for example, the entire goddamn Dark Ages.) And besides, living in an oppressive late capitalist hell world makes a person malnourished, sick and exhausted, which is a terrible condition in which to fight a revolution.

Accelerationism is also a position that reeks of (dare we say it?) privilege. It callously shrugs off the suffering that women, people of color, LGBTQ people, poor people and every other marginalized group will be forced to endure over the next few years. It treats the very people that a progressive is supposed to care about as collateral damage.

Make no mistake, Colby Keller will be fine. He might think of himself as a bold revolutionary because he’s gay and he reads Jacobin, but he’s still a cis white guy with name recognition. He will not be fighting in the streets. He’s not in danger from Trump’s policies anymore than fascist vampire capitalist Peter Thiel is. Keller has sacrificed nothing of his own while gleefully putting other people on the chopping block.


(Featured image via Keller’s Twitter account)


    porn stars are all idiots, drug addicts and borderline personality disorders-pay this silly bittch no mind

  • That’s complete bullshit. You just made yourself look like just as much of an idiot.


    Its, true, you ignorant tit. I know plenty and therye all the same. You really think healthy people are in this industry? Do you know that most porn stars are incapable of having normal relationship? I get it-you wack off to them-youre in love with them because youre physically hideous, but I don’t sugar coat.
    Ever heard of the dearth of suicides in the porn industry every year? There were two last week!!

  • Stephan Horbelt

    The idea of generalizing people of any profession is short-sighted and, plainly, extremely ignorant.