gstring, thong, swimwear, gay blog, style

Why, CString, Whyyyy?

gstring, thong, swimwear, gay blog, style
How does this thing stay on?

Unicorn Booty reader Baptiste sent us in this…this…this porny, porny undergarment. Well, introduced us to it. (We should be so lucky to start getting underwear in the mail!) We think it’s an undergarment, at least? It’s certainly not swimwear, right? Even though it boasts the claim that it helps you avoid tanlines.

No Panty Lines! No Tan Lines!

The CString is a completely new and exciting innovation in lingerie. Say goodbye to panty line and uncomfortable straps. Say hello to a sexy new freedom.

The CString can be worn under all your favorite clothes: • Dresses • Skirts • Jeans

The CString can also be worn alone: • Swimwear • Lingerie

Swimwear? Good luck with that. And isn’t a tieless Gstring actually more of a Ustring than a Cstring? Alphabetics aside, it’s still just weird.

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Boys and balls aside, would any of you wear a Cstring?

And if you think the CString is bad, wait until you meet JeanPants Underwear!

  • It looks awkward. Not sexy at all. I don;t like gstrings, thongs are passable at best, this is just ridiculous

  • i would XD i would wear the color off that thing lmfao

  • the product may be “new,” but the idea of such a thing is not. As it is the Japanese think of everything, and in an anime, Dirty Pair, the 2 females wear something exactly like that.

  • nikki prindle

    good lord, no

  • Ashley Valencia

    It looks like a pad that can be affixed to pubic hair. *shudders* Never will you catch me wearing one.

  • Shelby Renee Burgess

    No, you would not catch me wearing one. It looks too….awkward and uncomfortable. I like my boy shorts. :3

  • Emily Phillips

    The REAL question isn’t how it stays on. The REAL question is who would wear it swimming?

  • Michael Lee Bradshaw

    ummm how in the heck does it stay on is it shaped to like clamp in your crack??? wow

  • Tammy Musgrove

    Good God!!! I certainly would NOT wear that mini-pad knock-off! I’m sure I can think of how it might attach, LOL! I’m not sure I want to think about how it would feel being taken off. Ouch?!

  • I would hate to think of what the pointy end smells like bleh

  • SaraS

    This made my day!
    1. A man with nothing to do on a rainy Sunday invented this.
    (That’s not sexist. C’mon, only a horny man, who watches too much porn, thinks a woman would wear this.)
    2. What if, you don’t have any ass to speak of? I mean, totally flat-assed. This is not an invention for you.
    3. This object is very prejudice. What if, you aren’t bare “down there…”
    (Yes, totally prejudiced and wanting women to conform to shaving our neither regions.)
    4. Refer to number one.

  • Xtina

    These are for girls who cant find underwear thin enough to be disguised under their way-too-tight, stretched-out and see-through ‘pants’. Since I do not fall into this category, I will not wear this undergarment.

  • Anonymous

    Do you take it of slowly or rip all at once?

  • uhmmm… drag queens have been wearing these for years. lol.

  • my question is “Is it flexible? I mean is it one size fits all and you bend it to fit? Or are there different sizes? And if it is flexible just how flexible is it, is it going to change shape if the wearer leans up against something? I mean I can see this for the runway and having it personally fitted but not for the normal woman

  • Ummm… NO WTF???

  • This is NOT an under garment I think women should wear.. Men are big enough perverts without being provoked.. This HAD to be created by a man.. No offense

  • Ha ha I said this HAD to have been invented by a man too lmmfao.. Glad I wasn’t the only one to think so

  • Tara A

    What is point of wearing underpants if you are wearing CString.

  • Gladys Emy Rodriguez

    I’m sorry but that looks like an ALWAYS PAD but without the wings. LMAO!!!!! I feel embarrassed for the girls modeling it.

  • you have got to be kidding me !

  • s g

    Here’s a question: How does it stay there? It is a wire? Like a slap bracelet for your crotch? I don’t think so.

  • Zoe Howard

    i would never wear this and i can pretty much guarantee it was thought up by a man.

  • Zoe Howard

    i would never wear this and i can pretty much guarantee it was thought up by a man.

  • I guess society had to invent a way to make strippers sluttier looking… Argh… I think sand would be an issue if you go to the beach in one. Better off just going naked.

  • So what does the “c” stand for?” OH, I get it, it’s a “c” shape, right. I think I’d rather wear something that just I just stuck in my hooch, like a feeldoe or share. That would be preferable.

  • oh my god, why does this exist

  • Cara Andrichak Rosson

    Gay, straight, unicorn or alien, slut or frumpy old bag – that thing is wrong! Looks like a hard plastic hairband with a fat end. And probably about as comfortable. Underwire is bad enough (not that I buy bras with it, but it is hell to find bras without it). Another freakin’ man’s invention for women’s bodies! Dumba**es.

  • Hmmm haven’t seen it but yeah definitely an idea originating from the Japanese xD

  • I’m wondering if this started with trying to think of new things to do with a snap bracelet.

  • Anonymous

    Who would wear it? Dancers under their leotards comes to mind. A dancer I know designed a similar tiny covering (albeit with clear elastic bands) because even thongs show through some costumes.

  • wearing it as a swimsuit?? what?? i don’t want to see that much buttcheek on the beach D:

  • Esther M

    Maybe it’s a menstrual pad. 

  • Danielle Cockerell

     the black one just looks like pubic hairs. And the picture showing the back…is anyone else reminded of the poop trail in frozen shrimp? no? just me…

  • Nicole Bentley

     It looks like a maxi pad!! VERY unattractive!

  • Renee Sitton

    This is old news…Burlesque performers have been wearing C-Strings for years

  • Anonymous


  • lol at all the fat chicks saying thongs and g-strings are stupid.

  • haha

  • Jeez Loueez

    in my world we call this a merkin and they’re usually decked out in swarovskis. and it’s kept on my tape/glue and the grace of God. Burlesque! 😉

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the dude who thinks he’d ever get anyone to look at him twice once they realize he’s a shallow, pathetic meatsack who thinks insulting women is funny.

  • Frankie Wessely

    hee hee hee pantiliners as undies. next thing will be tampons to soak up nose bleeds (a la beavis and butthead). 

  • I thought it was a sanitary pad….

  • Risa Stutz

    So, you put this in the washing machine or the dishwasher?

  • That looks ridiculous.

  • LOL at the douchebag who thinks he could get any chick, fat or otherwise, to give him the time of day, let alone a tumble.

  • Barbara Brawn

    I believe you’ll find that those are women.

  • Cristina Pereira

    It’s just like Always without wings!  Eww!

  • What are you talking about of course it was invented by a man.  It’s a product not a yummy casserole! 😛

  • Michelle Mushy Nieves

    the white one looks like a gross dirty pad ewwwwwww

  • c o

    LOL @ everyone who thinks that’s side of himself that dude shows girls off the internet!

  • ______

    STOOPID ! just dont wear panties !

  • This looks like a head band for your nether regions…who thought THAT was a good idea?  Or is it like an underwire?  What happens when the wire starts popping out?  Yeah, way too many questions here that I refuse to try and answer…although I’m sure my local strip club will be featuring these soon enough!!

  • this looks like a yeast infection waiting to happen. yikes.

  • Jamie Thoman

    It just looks too weird in general. NEVER EVER would i wear such a thing

  • Veronica Williams

    cccccccombo breaker!

  • Veronica Williams

    Let’s see you put one on, sport. lol at the douche canoe for not realizing they make thongs and g strings for fat chicks AND skinny chicks.

  • Laurie Pneumatikos

    Why not just go commando?

  • Erica Cook

     took the words right out of my mouth

  • Erica Cook

    how dose she pee

  • Jennifer Schradeya

    what is this i dont even

  • Shayna

    They only sell this in small and medium too

  • murphyslawqt

    Doesn’t look like panties at all it looks more like the model is wearing a sanitary napkin.  I can’t picture anyone wearing these comfortably. I guess I just can’t picture anyone  wearing them period (no pun intended). I bet even Lady Gaga wouldn’t touch these. lol

  • M

    they make them for men. I think they look stupid but what ev. also its a plastic frame so it kind of clamps on your pelvis 

  • Ariel Reyes

    This looks like a pad, and i see the clear straps, its like any other uh underwear? its still held up being over her hips, but i would never wear this. I mean, this is only for say Porn Stars or peep show bunnies. I got no probs with that, but no other woman would ever wear this. Unless they like doing shows for their beloved but thats just ur sex life. Everyday stuff no, if im really trying to think about it, maybe some skimpy , or tight dress you go club hopping iwth, just because you dont want the indent from ur undies to show. 

  • jj

    My money’s on vag-plug.

  • I don’t really find it prejudiced. If you aren’t bare down there you don’t have to wear one. If you are you still don’t have to wear one. It doesn’t have a note written on it saying should shave. That being said I don’t like the idea of it at all. It kinda just looks dumb, not sexy. And I don’t think anybody except the maker of this thinks anyone would ever wear it. 🙂 Anyway have a nice day

  • looks like a sanitary towel!!

  • I’ll Deal with the tan lines panty lines and bunching rather than that……THING….Just look at that woman’s facial expressions either she’s constipated or terribly uncomfortable.

  • Number 3 is subjective. You could argue that shorts “force” women to shave their legs, but I am testament to otherwise. I never shave my legs and wear shorts; it (inanimate clothes or society) hasn’t made me do anything. This doesn’t show anymore hair than a typical women’s bathing suit down there. … which I also don’t shave, but wear shorts since it is silly to think that a little kid won’t ask “Mom, why is she hairy down there?”. I am a teen and my little sister asked me that (albeit with ‘sister’ instead of ‘mom’) and it gave me the cold sweats since I wasn’t prepared to give a puberty talk at my then age of 15!

  • Mikey

    For men it is not referred to as a “C-String” it is called a J-string  Shout your edgy style in our latest slick n’ wetlook PVC J-string. This unique design starts with a virtually weightless silicone frame that is shaped to fit you to perfection. The frame is covered in slick, shiny and slippery PVC and has a contoured pouch fit. To wear, just spread the frame open around your most precious parts, adjust yourself into the contoured pouch, and the anatomically correct frame rests nicely between your cheeks.  
    Can be worn as underwear or swimwearSilicone frame fits snugly against the bodyShiny PVC pouchPolyurethaneHandwash recommendedImported 

  • Mikey

    kinda but not quite there is no snapping involved luckily