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Why Did Oscar Producers Cut Away From The Sexy Man Kiss?

Academy Awards, gay news, gay kiss, gay blog
Where's the (man)love, ABC?

Shady, shady, ABC! You would have never guessed it while watching at home, but when Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem took to the stage to present the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay on Sunday night in their matching white tuxedos, the two did an impromptu slow dance before locking lips.

So where did the steamy mankiss between the two A-listers (OK, B-listers…) go? The cutting room floor, natch. Producers quickly cut to an extended (and  awkward) shot of Penelope Cruz while her baby daddy smooched up on Brolin.

ABC, the exclusive broadcaster of the Academy Awards for the next million years or so, told inquirers that it will not be commenting on the subject.

Hmm. On one hand, we’re not surprised that a Disney-owned company would censor out same-sex smooches. But on the other, how is this even an issue worthy of censoring? It was only a few years ago that Brokeback Mountain was nominated for Best Picture, as well as racking up Oscar nominations for its lead actors who played gay cowboys. If a movie depicting Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal having full-on sex together is worthy of Oscar praise, why is a kiss between two famous men deserving of their ire?

For what it’s worth, the two men look good on each other. Are you disappointed with ABC’s censoring and non-comment comment?

Via The Telegraph

  • I saw that extended awkwardness with Mrs. Bardem and was actually confused by it. It’s all clear now.

  • Agreed! It was a bit of a head-scratcher at the time. The kiss would have made for much better television.

  • I knew the moment the cameras switched to Penelope that the guys were doing something the producers of the show did not want to air. It was obvious by the way they approached each other and what little of the dance they performed before the camera switch that it was to be an intimate moment. I wanted to see that very much and the decision to switch the camera really pissed me off! 🙂

  • That’s Josh Brolin, not James Brolin. James is his middle name (and his father’s first name).

  • I’m very disappointed, but considering it’s ABC, I’m not surprised. Their lack of commitment to their action by not commenting on it makes the whole thing seem childish. If you felt obligated to block that out, at least come back with a reason and stand your ground!

  • Sadie

    Well, the Oscars were an epic failure this year! Why not add one more to the already staggering pile?

  • Chris Marshall

    we can have a person damn near butt naked when they get their oscar and that is fine… but two guys kissing…. WTF ABC!?!?

    Brings me back to what my CO used to say. In America we would rather see two men holding guns, rather than holding hands.

  • Fernando Miranda

    Yes, yes I am. This would have made the Oscars WAY MORE entertaining, would have given the public LOTS AND LOTS to talk about, and would have made it worth watching after the GREAT HOSTING FAIL on James Franco’s part!

  • Dale Winters

    Whether its his middle or first name, its still his name….

  • Dale Winters

    I am not surprised…. things will be equal when the double-standard stops. And what would straight actors know about being gay?

  • Angel Balderas

    its political. they are making this country more divided then ever with social and racial issues. take me back to the days of will and grace and queer eye for the straight guy when it didnt seem to matter as much as it does now.

  • Khai Fox

    This angers me. It might be a small thing, but in that small moment, an entire TV network told me that I was disgusting and that they will do everything in their power to oppress me and my people. F#CK ABC!!!