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Willam Belli Apologizes After Making Transphobic Comments on His Show (Video)

Drag queen Willam Belli came under fire earlier this week after he made some transphobic comments on his web show Suck Less.

A fan asked the RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and fan favorite for advice about dating a trans man. Via email, the fan explained that she felt uneasy about him not having a penis.

After Courtney Act (who also appeared on Belli’s episode) tried to answer the question, Willam jumped in, claiming: “He’s not your boyfriend if he’s not a boy and he’s not fucking you. Just because someone says they’re a boy, that doesn’t make them a boy.”

He added: “Just because you’ve cut your titties off and had testosterone, that doesn’t change your chromosomes.”


Many in the LGBT community took to social media to condemn Willam Belli for his words.

A few days later, Willam posted a 15-minute long video posted to his YouTube channel where he profusely apologized for his comments and admitted that he had conversations with other drag queens about what he said and why he said it.

“I feel bad about how I made people feel about it and this is my official apology,” Willam says at one point. He explained he is still learning about everything and is starting to ‘get’ the difference between sex and gender. Belli also sat down with fellow AAA Girl (who are currently touring) Alaska Thunderfuck who helped Belli download what happened and why people are so angry.

Willam admits:

People don’t see all the fucking wheels that are going in [my mind] how slowly and how poorly they’re operating. I need to apologize for it because I didn’t say everything I was thinking and it hurt people. I’m sad that my not knowing these things made my friends feel some kind of way justifiably and made people I don’t even know not like me.

Willam also said that even thought he doesn’t want to be considered a role model, he has to understand his role as a public figure and “be more responsible for my words.”

Willam responded, “I’m hoping my education catches up with the evolution of thought.”

In the video, Willam also FaceTimed with Courtney Conquer, a cisgender woman who does drag, and Belli apologized for comments he made last week about women not being able to do drag:

What I’m saying is that enough people have their eyes and ears on me for some reason, usually for entertainment value. So when I say something that’s inflammatory that might be my opinion which people could then take as fact and then say you know what I hate these people — and then lump into like a mob mentality about that.

need to take responsibility for that I guess so I’m apologizing. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to invalidate your existence. I love how you guys support us and drag and you guys are my friends. Like you know you’re my friends and I hate that I made my friends feel some kind of way about that, so I’m sorry.

Here’s hoping Willam learns from his mistakes and never makes such comments again about trans people or about women doing drag.


Watch Willam Belli apologize below:


    William Belli, what an asshole.

  • Lee Anne

    “OOPS! MY BAD! There. All better. I’m not a transphobe after all.” All he is doing is trying to save his career. He is a transphobe and beneath contempt.

  • Cathie Lee

    Poor William,how dare he tell the truth.He should not have apologized.

  • The Classic

    So you’re saying that if someone makes a mistake, they should be banished forever? In that case, there would be no incentive for people to learn or change. Sounds pretty counter-productive to me.

  • The Classic

    Willam’s a troubled person, as most comics are. I read his book and while it’s enormously entertaining, it’s clear he’s really struggling with some aspects of his life, particularly aging, which is tough for a lot of gay men.

    Here’s the deal: his fans like him because he’s adorably obnoxious. That’s his persona, and has been since RPDR 4. Apparently this time he was obnoxious in a way that overstepped the line and offended both trans people and their allies. This stuff happens when the rules of engagement are constantly changing, as they are when it comes to transgender people.

    He apologized. Let him learn and move on.

    Personally, I’m more offended by Courtney Act’s weird racial theories…but that’s a post for another day.

  • Lee Anne

    His “mistake” was voicing his true feelings. Saying my bad does not change that. It’s no different than if he had disparaged someone because of their race or religion. To give him a pass will not change how he feels.

  • The Classic

    So you can perceive from a great distance the “true feelings” of some random media figure? Wow, you must have supernatural powers.

    I imagine that you don’t like Barack Obama, either, since he was originally opposed to marriage equality, or Bernie Sanders, since he once published an essay suggesting that women enjoy rape fantasies. I think both men eventually overcame these “true feelings” to a more enlightened viewpoint.

    People change and evolve. That’s life.

  • Job Jacinto

    We have to understand that what we see from Willam are all from her social media stuff. We can’t really tell what personality a person has outside of social media and hating him or saying he’s cancelled doesn’t really help the situation either.

    I’m a fan of Willam and I have to admit that what he said is offensive and is ignorant but at least she tried to learn. For you to assume that he was doing this to save herself tells a lot on what you think of people, that they can’t change and they’ll remain that way forever. She’s not a Trump. At least she was willing to learn from her mistakes and I’m sure as hell people will always bring up the bad stuff she did before because it’s convenient for them.

    You can’t judge what a person is now based on what they did before, people change and is that so hard to believe?