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Woman Sues to Find Out Who Sent Her a Bag of Dicks

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DicksByMail is a company that anonymously mails small bags of candy dicks to your enemies so that they can literally “go eat a bag of dicks” (as the insult goes). But when Melody Lenox, the Human Resources Manager at a Dallas-based tech company, received one of these bags, she was not amused. In fact, she’s suing DicksByMail to figure out who sent them.

It’s not so much that Lenox doesn’t like candy, it’s more that the person who sent them might also be the person who keyed her car and posted a bunch of insulting Craigslist ads about her. DicksByMail’s website says that its service is “not meant to be a threat or a way to bully” (uh-huh) and that purchasers are released from any legal liability. We’ll see if a state or federal court agrees.

  • Dru Ilhares

    A friend of mine used their site to mail a package of these to another friend (whom I was living with briefly). Everybody involved has an actual sense of humor here, so it was never taken as harrassment. Though we didn’t expect the glitter, too. J never told me he ordered a bag of sparkling dicks.

  • Larry W. Jones

    Anybody who receives a bag of dicks should seriously consider why other people think they deserve a bag of dicks.