Watch These Insufferable Women Boycott Nordstrom to Avenge Ivanka Trump (Video)

Watch These Insufferable Women Boycott Nordstrom to Avenge Ivanka Trump (Video)

In a viral Facebook video, a gaggle of white middle-aged harpies visit Nordstrom to declare a boycott in response to the retailer’s decision to drop Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

“I’ve been shopping at Nordstrom for 30 years,” says a woman wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of Donald Trump and the words “Haters Gonna Hate.” She continues, “And because of your decision to drop Ivanka Trump, I will no longer shop at your store. Nor will my husband or our nine children or our eight grandchildren.”

Never have the words “Bye Felicia” been more appropriate.

bye Felicia

We can’t imagine Nordstrom will be sad to lose them. These she-beasts absolutely look like the type to abuse that ultra-lenient return policy Nordstrom used to have. These nags look like the type of customer who can’t get through a single encounter without shrieking for a manager and demanding a discount.

“We’ve decided we will shop where Ivanka shops,” one of the harridans declares. “And I’m pretty sure it’s not here.”

Yes, as far as we know, Nordstrom does not offer aluminum foil ball gowns like the ones Ivanka wears.

(via Ivanka’s Twitter)

Meanwhile, the night-hag who later posted the video to Facebook stands and fans herself with a handful of cash.

Please, lady, don’t spend that money at Nordstrom. Spend it at a salon to fix your roots, because that bleach job is such a chemical mess it should be declared a Superfund site. That hair is such a disaster it needs a FEMA response. That ‘do is so sad Morrissey should write a song about it.

The women proudly declare that instead of shopping at Nordstrom they’re going to go spend their money at Dillard’s. (Our condolences to the employees of Dillard’s.)

Dillard’s stock immediately dropped by 0.4%. Nordstrom’s rose by 3%.

(Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s stock as of 2/17/17 via Business Insider)

The Trump family is famously furious at Nordstrom for dumping Ivanka’s designs. It’s only natural that his lumpen cultists would follow suit. They’re calling the retailer a bully for picking on a fragile little billionaire with ties to the highest seat of power in the entire world.

But what are they really mad at? Stores are abandoning Ivanka’s merchandise because people aren’t buying it. That’s not bullying. That’s just capitalism.

Conservatives worship the free market, but they don’t seem to understand how it works. The free market means that businesses can (and probably will) hire immigrants on the cheap. The free market means that companies will pander to LGBTQ customers. And the free market means that a retailer will drop a product line when it fails to generate profits.

So to anyone who’s still angry at Nordstrom, you have two choices:

  1. Get over it.
  2. Communism.

Anything else is just whining.

Comrade Ivanka must be avenged!
  • Danangme

    She was on her back all night for that money

  • Her hair looks way better than Lilas’s.

  • Here’s how you know she’s full of shit. She said “I’ve been shopping at Nordstroms for 30 years.” If she was there for 30 years, she would know the name of the store is Nordstrom.

  • Franky Boy

    Good riddance to these old nags! They should make first stop at dollar store for some bleach.

  • Dale Brenner

    So according to you only the rich people shop at Nordstrom, because rich people only live in California and New York. I guess all the rest of the country contains the deplorable rabble that shop an KMart when they are not at the flea market.

    You well represent the arrogant clueless liberals that were smacked down so thoroughly last November.

    Roughly half the people in this country voted for Trump. Equally important well over half did not vote for Hillary. If all of those were to choose to no longer shop at Nordstrom they would bleed cash and not survive a year.

    Right now the liberal half has been more vociferous but they have no more wealth than the rest of the country. Nordstrom made an unbelievably stupid move by dissing President Trump and in the process dissing half the country. Whats more attacks on his children will not sit well with a whole lot more than just half the country. As a result, they lost a portion of those customers already and if they have any sense will be working overtime to avoid losing anymore.

    An just to keep you and your liberal extremists up at night, consider this. In 8 years Ivanka will be old enough to run for president.

  • Noah Vale

    Oh, yeah, that’s how you know.
    I don’t know if you’re a Democrat, but you’re certainly dumb enough to be one. Geez!

  • So let me understand this… she worked there for years, she shopped there for 30 years and doesn’t know the proper name of the store? She’s a liar… one of them stayed in sunglasses because looking at her body language she really wasn’t to thrilled….

    Remember, Noah, she did not know the name of the store.

  • So let me see this, you hate liberals, but read UnicornBooty…. Gotcha.

  • Noah Vale

    Many, many people refer to Nordstrom at Nordstroms. It is incorrect, but it is very common. You are trying to make something of consequence out of something so insignificant and meaninglessness that it’s not worth discussing. If you’re this petty about everything in life it must be excruciating to know you.

  • I agree with you on the first two sentences. But if I am to believe that she worked there AND has been going there for 30 years that she still doesn’t know the name of the place then I imagine you want me to believe that Trump is the least racist person on earth.

  • So you’re a gay Republican. Enough said.

  • Noah Vale

    Everyone is racist. Everyone. Including blacks folks. Grow up and get used to it. It’s not right, but people are always suspicious of or frightened by things they don’t understand or over which they feel no control. It’s part of the human condition and you can’t legislate it.

  • Keeth Ar Ostrich-Watsun

    Good luck buying all your clothes at Walmart.

  • Keeth Ar Ostrich-Watsun

    No, not everyone is racist. That’s you justifying your racism.

  • Keeth Ar Ostrich-Watsun

    Half the people in the US didn’t vote for Trump. Not even half of the people who voted voted for Trump. You dumbshits will NEVER elect anyone again. Trump only won because we didn’t take him seriously because it’s literally impossible to take him seriously. Only a fucking idiot would vote for him, and many of us had faith that there couldn’t possibly be enough idiots in the US. We were wrong. Shame on us. All Trump has done was unite the left. Enjoy your shitshow while it lasts, because we’re cutting you dum-dums off like a gangrenous leg.

  • Noah Vale

    No, that’s the truth. To think otherwise is naive.
    I’m Native American and I don’t need to justify my racism.

  • Yes many people do… BUT IF YOU WORK THERE FOR “YEARS”???!?!?

  • If I worked somewhere for “years” I would know the name of the company. From reading my pay check if nothing else.