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WTF: Government Asks For Reversal of DADT Cease-and-Desist

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Gay soldiers are still in limbo.

In the ongoing failure of the government to do what it says it’s going to, the United States has filed for an emergency relief from a court’s earlier decision to immediately halt enforcement of DADT.

The US Department of Justice is appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, asking them to put their judgement halting DADT on hold until the law can be officially repealed by the military.

The DOJ filed the motion late Thursday night, as a last-ditch effort to somehow delay the inevitable. Not really sure why the DOJ continues to do this – especially as they have stopped defending DOMA in the courts.

Dan Woods, the lawyer representing Log Cabin Republicans in their court challenge of DADT, said:

It is sad and disappointing that the government continues to try to prevent openly gay and lesbian Americans from serving in our armed forces. It is particularly disappointing because the President has stated that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell “weakens” our national security and signed the repeal bill with great fanfare and yet today’s filing with the Ninth Circuit is a last-ditch effort to maintain this unconstitutional policy.

The military has not suffered in any way from last week’s Ninth Circuit order reinstating the injunction against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. While we expect to win, the government’s goal in its filing today can only be to delay the inevitable day when all Americans will be able to serve our country honorably and patriotically, regardless of their orientation.

R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director, Log Cabin Republicans, added:

This latest maneuver by the President continues a pattern of doublespeak that all Americans should find troubling. All this does is further confuse the situation for our men and women in uniform. Let me be clear – the president is asking the court for the power to continue threatening servicemembers with investigation and discharge, and the right to turn away qualified Americans from military service for no reason other than their sexual orientation.

Even if the administration never uses that power, it is still wrong, and the Ninth Circuit was clear that there is no justification for continuing the violation of servicemembers’ constitutional rights. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is an offense to American values that should have been gone long ago. It is shameful that a president who has taken credit for opposing the policy is taking extreme measures to keep it on life support.

This truly is inexcusable, and is sending incredibly powerful mixed messages to the LGBT community on the eve of an election year.

(via LGBT POV)

  • Obama can’t be trusted. Ever.

  • Why is there a need for more time?  How hard is it to just say “Okay, stop discriminating…now.” You don’t have to have every single military person on board with it at the moment. It’ll trickle down. No more delays!

  • Ben Leo Alt

    The military officials are asking the DoJ to stop the halt because they’re scared that with how homophobic their service members have been in the past, that some major shit might go down if they don’t ease their way into the repeal of DADT.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if many if not most of the higher up’s in the the military participated in gay-bashing, either verbally or physically, at least once during the vast time they’ve served. Do they have reason to be so hesitant and scared?  Yes.  Are they being too hesitant and pansy-ish to the point where it’s pissing everyone off?  Yes.  But also think of this:  the military needs to go through some major sensitivity training, which needs to customized, put together, and instituted before they can stop worrying about having openly gay service members.  It’s not like we can just wave a magical wand and have everyone in the military being comfortable and accepting of gay service members.  No, it takes time to get to that point, and even though it’s inevitable, we don’t need to rush it and have shit-load of problems because we were too impatient to wait a few more months or so.  Think about how long it took to let women serve in the military, and every section of the military at that.  Think of all the harassment, attacks, and raping  they went through when they were allowed in.  Do you want that to happen to your fellow gay and lesbian service members right after they all come out from the excitement of the able to openly do so?  No?  Then quit bitching about the repeal taking too long to be implemented.

  • Ben Leo Alt

    Don’t put this all on Obama. He has a lot of pressure from the DoJ and military to not let the repeal be immediately implemented.

  • Michael Brooks

    Full repeal is effective September 20, 2011; I think that’s the date that was set.