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WTF: Westboro Baptist Church Invited to FBI Training

The FBI dropped a bomb of its own on Wednesday, announcing that members of the notoriously anti-gay fundamentalist group Westboro Baptist Church participated in spring training sessions with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Needs FBI training

The trainings, which occurred on four separate occasions at Quantico and Manassas, are usually reserved for police officers and FBI agents.

The FBI reportedly wanted to learn more about domestic terrorism from the organization, and rather than infiltrate/surveil the organization, they thought it prudent to actually invite the crazed group to train with the FBI! Shouldn’t our tax dollars be going to protect us, and not normalize the crazies?

The training, according to the FBI, was academic in nature, and was to give local and national law enforcement insight into dealing with domestic terrorists.

Paul Bresson, an FBI spokesman, said that the Westboro invitation “was done in an effort to establish open dialogue in an academic setting to train law enforcement on how to more effectively engage with the activist community.”

Church leader Timothy Phelps, in an interview with NPR, said that the sessions often became contentious, and that they had no idea they were there for a domestic terrorism curriculum.

[The program was about] how to stay measured when they are speaking with a witness or a suspect with whom they have a strong, visceral disagreement.

We did an opening dialogue about the history of the church and what led us to this point in our ministry and specifically led us to the point where we were holding protests or pickets in proximity to the soldiers’ funerals. Then the class opened up and they were entitled to ask any questions they wanted.

Some of the students in the class take the gloves off and basically push the envelope about, ‘what will happen when the day comes that your so-called leader tells you to use violence.’ Our leader won’t tell us to do anything except what is written in scripture. We don’t have a leader like what they want to believe we have. … We have a preacher.

Top FBI brass was displeased with the decision to invite a group that regularly protests military funerals to a military installation. Thomas Browne, Assitant Director of the FBI, circulated a one-sentence memo putting an end to this “training:” The FBI is not to invite Westboro to any of its training sessions again.

(via NPR)

  • Anonymous

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  • Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

  • Not even the F.B.I. wants Westboro around.LOL That is great! The Nutz!

  • At first when I read the short description before reading the story I thought wtf?!?! But after reading the story it seems to me like the FBI might have been using Westboro as lab rats than anything else; using them to gain more knowledge about how they work so the FBI will know how to handle those assholes when the time comes. It also seems as if the FBI has officially deemed Westboro as a domestic terrorist organization which makes me REALLY happy if that is the case. I’ve been calling them a terrorist org./religious cult for years now myself. Did anybody else get that out of the article as well?

  •  Same here.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Melissa, that’s what I … kind of … got out of this story.  There are a lot of holes here (I think there always will be, in a story that involves the secretive FBI and the contentious WBC), so I’m not 100% sure what to think about it.

    Regardless, I’m glad someone in the Bureau’s brass thought this was sketchy, at best.  Better to find other ways to fight the gorgon.

    “When you look into an Abyss….”

  • this happened in the spring??? if i would have known i would have been protesting them! i’m the wife of a marine who is stationed at quantico! 

  • Apparently the Westboro people are less about trying to convert you to their fucked up belief system and more about seeking confrontation. Word has it that they are actually a group of lawyers who purposely seek attention hoping that their right to free speech and protest will be violated so that they can bring a lawsuit against others. That is their real objective…legal action and they are very successful at it. When you understand that, their actions make more sense because really, who would see their hate signs and think “Yep, looks good. I want to follow your angry, hateful, vengeful God. Sign me up!” When we can learn to ignore them, they’ll eventually wither away. They are truly nothing more than wolves in hateful sheep’s clothing.

  • I hope that perhaps the Westboro Clan will one day slip up and have a confrontation with another whacko who cleanses them from the face of the planet. No tears here.

  • ShowMeGuy

    The FBI knows how to handle this Westboro Phelps Cult. Call ATF and re-enact the Branch Davidians *showdown*.

    I’m glad I didn’t hear about this before America’s birthday party this past weekend.
    Now I’m pissed off…..really, really pissed off.

  • ShowMeGuy

    I will party at their funerals.