Stories by Daniel Villarreal

5 Things That Cause Homosexuality (According to Weirdos and Religious Nutjobs)

Science is still trying to figure out what causes homosexuality, but these 5 weirdos and religious nutjobs blame everything from fast food to Disney films

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7 Important Facts About Gay and Bi Men Who Suffer From Eating Disorders

Eating disorders affect 15% of all gay and bisexual men, but understanding the psychology can help us end this dangerous trend

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Feeling Stressed? Science Says You Should Sniff Your Man’s Dirty Clothes

A new partner scent study showed that the smell of your boyfriend’s body odor can help reduce your stress levels during examinations and job interviews

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Clueless When It Comes to Flirting? Here Are 8 Tips for Shy Guys

Successful flirting is a balancing act: be too forward and you may scare a guy off, be too meek and he may lose interest

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