Looking for Digital Queer Erotica? Here’s Where You’ll Find Some of the Best

Looking for Digital Queer Erotica? Here’s Where You’ll Find Some of the Best

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day 2022, online porn aggregator YouPorn is celebrating one year of offering options when it comes to getting you off. In addition to what has to be millions of video porn clips — gay, straight and everything in-between — did you know the platform also hosts erotica? And for those LGBTQ people who prefer the written word to visual stimulation while getting off, the site offers a collection of queer erotica written by celebrity authors, accomplished erotic storytellers and amateurs alike.

Having soft-launched a year ago, YouPorn’s erotica library — a user-generated community of its own — is as inclusive as possible, as anyone can submit their own work (assuming it abides by the site’s terms of service). Once a sexy story is reviewed by the YouPorn content team, it appears on the platform and is available for all to enjoy.

Among YouPorn’s celebrity erotica authors are a ton of recognizable queer names, like queer author and podcast host Fran Tirado; Orange Is the New Black actor, comedian and musician Lea DeLaria; and NYC-based queer art collective Papi Juice.

Fran Tirado

“I’ve been reading and writing erotica ever since I was a horny tween, so to contribute one for this project among so many other talented writers and thinkers is nothing short of a dream,” says Tirado, formerly the brand and editorial strategy lead for Netflix’s LGBTQ content. The piece of queer erotica that Tirado contributed is their own adaptation of the story of Zeus and Ganymede from Greek mythology — “my first erotic memory,” Tirado says.

Lea DeLaria | Photo by Andrew Foord

“From the second I walked out onto the stage as ‘That Fucking Dyke’ to the moment Big Boo ‘MacGyvered’ a screwdriver into a dildo, my career as always been about butch visibility and getting laid … not necessarily in that order,” says DeLaria. The piece of queer erotica she penned for YouPorn, called “Muff Diva,” deals with her own sexual awakening.

Papi Juice | Photo by Ebru Yildiz

“When we got asked to be a part of Erotica, we gladly said yes because sex and sexuality are inherent in our work. Our artwork, music, photography, and events all have a sexy side to them, whether it is a visual of intimacy, a sex playlist or an exchange of comments in a private chat room. As queer and trans people too, we felt like it was important for us to talk openly about our sexuality since in many ways it is still stigmatized,” says Papi Juice, whose piece of queer erotica concerns two best friends, Hector and Ali, who decide to explore their sexuality in the face of the pandemic. “We hope this essay provides a sense of relatability to other people in our community, and perhaps a sexy cue of creative escapism.”

You can find all those pieces of queer erotica — and more — over on YouPorn’s Featured Erotica Authors page.

Image at top: Tim Flach / Getty Images

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