Let These 5 Guys Drinking Alone in Their Undies Show You How to Get Stylishly ‘Päntsdrunk’

Let These 5 Guys Drinking Alone in Their Undies Show You How to Get Stylishly ‘Päntsdrunk’

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Apparently in Finland drinking alone at home in your underwear isn’t regarded as a sign of alcoholism or depression. Rather, it’s a common cultural practice known as päntsdrunk (or getting drunk in your “pants,” as the Europeans call underwear).

In a recent article on the practice, Heikki Väänänen, CEO and founder of the Finnish startup HappyOrNot, explains, “The original term for [päntsdrunk] is kalsarikännit’ a tongue-in-cheek expression of a Finnish feeling, basically meaning ‘that feeling when you are going to get drunk at home, alone, in your underwear — with no intention of going out.’”

Although Väänänen says the term is also used today to refer to having drinks at home with friends, Briana Volk, the half-Finnish co-owner of a Maine cocktail bar, says päntsdrunk differs from the depressing image many Americans have of drinking alone at home in undies.

Finnish folks are introverted, quiet and used to being alone, Volk says. Their long winters can leave some parts of the country isolated for up to two months without much daylight or company.

As such, getting päntsdrunk is more about enjoying your own company, relaxing and re-centering, especially after a long workday or a big accomplishment. This is much different from drinking alone at home because you’re depressed, anti-social or struggling with a mental issue.

Here are five sexy guys drinking alone and getting päntsdrunk:

Päntsdrunk isn’t about getting drunk. Practiced accurately, it’s about enjoying a single drink or two rather than getting tipsy or hammered.

Also, since päntsdrunk is about enjoying a leisurely bit of “me-time” rather than guzzling down a drink under peer pressure, quality matters. Volk suggests drinking a special cocktail, limited-edition beer or a glass of special wine when getting päntsdrunk rather than just polishing off the Keystone Lights left sitting in your fridge.

And remember to drink in your underwear — that’s half the fun.

What do you think of the idea of drinking alone to get päntsdrunk?


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