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New Rom-Com ‘The Lost City’ Is Predictably Awful, But Is It Also Kinda What the World Needs?

No one should have to tell you that The Lost City — featuring Sandra Bullock as a romance adventure fiction writer and Channing Tatum as her Fabio-esque cover model — is not a great movie. It’s exactly as lame as the trailer suggests it will be. Bullock and Tatum have played[…]

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Lucille Ball Used Poppers, Says Forensic Pathologist in This ‘Autopsy’ Episode

An upcoming episode of the TV series ‘Autopsy, The Last Hours of …’ is complete with a Lucille Ball poppers revelation

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We’re Low-Key Obsessed With These Ridiculously Fun, Trashy Gay Pulp Novels

The ’60s was a wild time of free love, drugs … and really hilarious covers on gay pulp novels

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The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Castle Is a Luxe Hotel Perfect for a Weekend Stay

Located less than a half-hour from London’s Heathrow Airport, is Oakley Court your next vacation destination?

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