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Exclusive: A Second Individual Has Come Forward Accusing Porn Star Topher Dimaggio of Rape

On Tuesday morning I received a phone call from a close friend. We rarely talk on the phone, so when he calls I know I should pick up. He asked if I had heard about the Topher Dimaggio rape allegation, and then filled me in when I said no. Fellow gay adult film actor Tegan Zayne has accused Dimaggio of forcing himself on Zayne the night before they were set to shoot a scene, and ejaculating inside him despite numerous pleas not to.

This close friend then proceeded to tell me that Dan (who has asked to remain anonymous, so his name has been changed), a friend of his, had reached out for support. Dan alleges that he, too, was raped by Dimaggio two years ago.

[Editor’s note: It’s worth noting that Dimaggio responded to Zayne’s accusations by denying them. “These horrific accusations have shocked me to my core,” he says. “All of my relations with this person have been consensual & willing.”]

Dan was overcome with emotion when he received a text with the article reporting Zayne’s allegation. Immediately he shared it with friends who instantly responded, “Oh my God. He’s been doing it to others, too.”

Within a matter of hours, I was on the phone with Dan to hear his story, which is presented below. It is a raw account that very powerfully demonstrates the realities of incidents like these.

He has chosen to remain anonymous in sharing his account out of fear of what might happen to him. But he feels compelled to share his story — not only to validate Zayne’s allegation, but so others might see themselves reflected in his story, whether as victims of this one predator, of a boyfriend or of a random hookup.

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The way [Tegan] described that situation felt exactly how it went down that night, and if I could get anything out of this story, I just want to back him up. No, this isn’t random behavior, it didn’t come out of nowhere. I experienced similar behavior and action years ago, and I want to add my voice and see if there are others that say this happened to them or not.

As a gay man you read stories and you think, “If I was ever in that situation, I would push the person off or tell them to stop, or it’d be someone I didn’t know.”

But it was somebody that I knew. I had met Topher a few times. [He] put me in a situation where I felt powerless and felt like, even though I had said no, he continued. It’s a weird haze of “Well, this is happening and I can’t stop him, and I don’t know what to do” and you just kind of let it happen.

So on that night in particular I went out with a couple of friends, and one of my friends is actually friends with Topher, and we went to go meet up with them at a bar. We were drinking and we left the bar and went to an afterparty.

There were multiple people there, including my friends, and including Topher.

Things went by, people left the party, and the next thing I remember is that I am alone with Topher in this place. I don’t know if I fell asleep and he woke me up, or how exactly I got into this position, but I was in the bedroom, I wasn’t wearing clothes, I was face-down, and he was trying to have sex with me.

Personally, I am not a bottom. I bottom, but not often, and I wouldn’t bottom for this guy — I didn’t know him that well. I didn’t have feelings for him. I had no intention of hooking up with this guy. I go out, I have fun, I meet people, I make decisions about who I want to hookup with, but this is not somebody I wanted to hookup with, so being in this situation was very jarring. All of a sudden to catch yourself — you’re drunk, you’re in a haze, you’re naked with a person you don’t want to be naked with.

And so I remember saying no, I don’t want to do this, and he said, No, don’t worry about it, and that’s kind of exactly what he said to Tegan. He was like, No, it’s fine, don’t worry about it. He inserted himself inside of me and started to have sex with me.

I said, Stop, no, this hurts, and he said, Just don’t worry about it. Don’t worry about it. And he kept going and going and going and I just remember saying no, please stop, no, please. And I remember … I could see it and feel it in my head. I could remember where I was, where my body was, the pain, where he was, and then he finished inside me.

And was like … OK, well, what the fuck? I don’t know where I am, really. I’m stuck here. And then I woke up the next morning, not really knowing what was happening, sort of putting the pieces together. It wasn’t until I left and went home and I showered and I felt the pain and I was like, Holy shit, I need to go see a doctor.

So I left and went to the hospital and told them that I was sexually assaulted by a porn star and I was terrified and I needed help. I wanted to get on PEP. I knew I had a 48-hour window.

The doctor asked if I knew who it was. I said yes. She left the room. A couple minutes went by, she came back and said she had spoken to a police officer who was on duty and he was outside the exam room and he wanted my written statement.

She told me that in order for her to do an exam to see what the damage was — cuts or bruises or scars — that I had to speak with the police officer. I told her I didn’t want to do that, so they didn’t perform an examination. They gave me 30 days of three different types of antiretrovirals for potential exposure to HIV.

They gave me full blood panels for STIs. Everything came back fine, but I was on anti-HIV drugs for 30 days, which is its own kind of Hell.

And that was it. I didn’t know what to do. I told people, who told me to go tell other people, to potentially go to the authorities. But I was frightened. I don’t know what this person is capable of.

I don’t know what kind of retaliation could happen from a report. It’s probably incredibly over-the-top, but there was that case of those porn star guys that killed their producer. My real fear was that I didn’t know what this guy was capable of. I didn’t know if he had guns or if he was on drugs.

I didn’t know if he had friends who have guns or were on drugs that would hurt me. I don’t know what the companies he works for would do in terms of retaliation if I went anywhere with this.

So I kept it to myself. I was legitimately afraid, and still am. You just don’t know what people are capable of. Obviously he is abusive, because he raped me. Even though I told him it was painful and asked him to stop multiple times, he didn’t care.

So I didn’t, and I learned to cope with it. I would still see him around and I wouldn’t talk to him. I’d see his picture up on ads, and it was always pretty painful. My close friends that I’ve told know what he did. And seeing [Tegan Zayne’s story] made me feel like I had to say something.

Some people probably don’t believe me. They think it’s porn, it’s a pornstar, you probably just got too drunk or deep down wanted this or something. That absolutely wasn’t the case. I can tell you the amount of time I spent in tears, going to the hospital, going through the motions, getting the drugs, were not part of a larger fantasy.  

It was criminal.

And it just fucking sucked. I wished it didn’t happen. But now I feel responsibility to tell this story and help other people if they have their own stories to know that these things do happen.

If I could talk to him, and he would actually listen, I would like to tell him that he hurt me and he did abuse me and did something that was wrong and to just apologize for what he did. That would probably go a long way. Because you feel like a lot of the time what happened was something that I did.

It’s not that I did anything — it was done to me. That’s the hardest thing to break away from. You say, What did I do wrong? How did I screw this up? when in reality the other person should be saying, I fucked up. I should have stopped when you said no, and I didn’t. And I’m sorry. 

Honestly, I would probably accept his apology. Doesn’t mean that we’re going to be friends, but an acknowledgement that you know what you did was fucked up and wrong.

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Topher Dimaggio

Dan says he hopes that with this Topher Dimaggio rape account out in the open, he hopes Dimaggio doesn’t hurt more people, and that others feel confident enough to say they’ve been in similar situations. “I think they happen a lot more often than we talk about,” he tells me.

Dan isn’t in the porn industry and believes a weird power dynamic was at play as a result. But Zayne’s statements emboldened him.

“Seeing my abuser called out for what he did sparked me to say, Fuck it, it happened to me, too, and that fucker did it to me, too. And I want to say something. Because there are probably others.”

We reached out to Topher Dimaggio for a response but as of publication have not heard back.


If you or someone you know has been the victim of rape or sexual assault, there are many resources available for help, including RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), the National Domestic Violence Hotline for LGBTQ Abuse, Emerge (an organization set up to offer help to LGBTQ batterers) and The Anti-Violence Project for LGBTQ people.


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  • Stevo Walker

    To quote someone on another site:

    This is the part that seems unbelievable to me…”She [the hospital] told me that in order for her to do an exam to see what the damage was — cuts or bruises or scars — that I had to speak with the police officer. I told her I didn’t want to do that, so they didn’t perform an examination.”

    I can’t believe that a hospital would not perform a rape kit examination on a patient simply because he would not speak to a police officer at that time. I just can’t believe that could be true

  • Charlize Theraflu

    It is pathetic that any anonymous person can claim rape and point the finger. I feel for the guy but if he’s not willing to stand up and be counted he doesn’t have the right to say #MeToo.

  • grandmastergdogg

    “All of a sudden to catch yourself — you’re drunk, you’re in a haze, you’re naked with a person you don’t want to be naked with.”

    What an utter crock of shit. This is someone who accepts 0% responsibility for anything he does

    Teagan’s apparent beef was that he blew a load inside him when he asked him not to, is that really the same as rape? Certainly makes him a dick for doing it, but both of you choose not to wear protection. This whole me too situation is getting out of hand.

    Pretty soon the hoes on the corner will start saying it

    I don’t know what kind of retaliation could happen from a report.
    It’s probably incredibly over-the-top, but there was that case of those
    porn star guys that killed their producer. My real fear was that I
    didn’t know what this guy was capable of. I didn’t know if he had guns
    or if he was on drugs.

    I didn’t know if he had friends
    who have guns or were on drugs that would hurt me. I don’t know what the
    companies he works for would do in terms of retaliation if I went
    anywhere with this.”

    WTF? How does this person function being such a nervous wreck all the time? This sounds like nonsense

  • Reality Check

    Grow up. Get sober. Take control of your life. Stop blaming others for your own weaknesses. Get some counseling and get your shit together. What you describe is not rape, and it’s a disservice to real rape victims to equate a drunken hookup to rape. You may have real trauma to deal with, and you should, but not by making accusations that don’t do you or the person you defame any good.

  • RBLover


  • joe

    No means no. If the victim is able to express his/her/whatever willingness not to engage in a sexual act (and more importantly unwilling to give consent for whatever reason), then the perpetrators forceful engagement is simply rape. This isn’t the first time…or second…or third time that he’s engaged in rape. This is just the beginning. 3 people step forward within a week. Sounds like a habbit rather than a one time incident.

  • joe

    That doesn’t seem fair. But at that standpoint in time – who care? It’s all about the victims safety and everything else come next…which sounds like it couldn’t happen due to the victim’s concerns for his own safety. As I’m sure you could relate, your own safety comes first.

  • joe

    3 sources claiming rape in less than a week….but sure, let’s defend this guy because [insert your rational here].

  • Stevo Walker

    So we’re to believe that he was too afraid after this alleged 15 minute anal sex bathroom rape in a house full of people that he was too afraid to disclose to anyone (but his mother anonymously) but he has no problem naming the same specific person? We should also accept that although he went to the hospital they refused to help him (an alleged rape victim) because he didn’t want to have the police called. It doesn’t take a healthcare worker to know that sounds crazy.

  • grandmastergdogg

    Expressing reluctance isn’t the same as saying no.. they never actually said no and that is the point you are missing. People are so quick to just jump on a bandwagon. You have to call out the nonsense or all of it becomes nonsense

  • grandmastergdogg

    The problem is the definition of rape is being altered and blurred.

    Tegan gave consent but is mad he bust inside him, another’s story is just ridiculous. These are grown ass men who bench 300 lbs a day but can’t get a dude off you? None of them are saying he held them down or slipped something in their drink. They just made it seem as if they were reluctant to bottom We are not the same as women, we are on equal footing most of the time when it comes to strength, yet no struggle is described?

    Also these are porn stars, I am sorry to say but it is ridiculous to hold them to the metoo standards. How does it sound for a porn star to claim sexual harrassment or something similar? People like you really underestimate the power of internet fame. People want it and are willing to do far worst to get it. You have to call out the BS or else it will cast doubt on legitimate cases. There is way too much finger pointing and hysteria

  • LoveCoates

    I hate to say these stories ring true, because I am acquainted Romeo, and I like him. He is charismatic and fun to be around (as long as you are not in his crosshairs). He’s always been kind and good guy to me. And obivously, he deserves a presumption of innocence.

    But for those of who know him, sorry, we wouldn’t be surprised if these stories are true. Romeo has been warned — again and again — about his physically aggressive, almost bullying behavior. Invasion of space is the norm with him. He has always been loud and very much “in your face” with no regard for being told “stop” and “no.” I don’t mean sexually, I just mean in everyday face-to-face interaction.

    The reason he and I never became close friends is because of this sort of behavior. It came to a head when he picked me up from behind in bar, swinging me around and simulating sex, and not stopping when told to quit. He was being playful I know and meant no harm. It was horseplay. But his refusal to stop when I was like, “Okay, boo, that’s enough” rubbed me the wrong way. So I’m always friendly with him but have kept him at arms length.

    Clearly, horseplay and rape are not the same thing. But reading these stories, I can’t say they don’t sound like the Romeo I know, and that pains me to say.

  • grandmastergdogg

    Your talking out of both sides of your mouth, on one hand it was harmless horseplay on the other hand its a suggestion of something nefarious? Also by your own words he has always been kind and good to you but based off of one incident (which you say was harmless) you cut him off? I really think people like yourself are not putting into context that these are PORN STARS! They do not have the same boundaries as normal people. He is probably groped by strangers every time he goes to the club, so for him to do the opposite doesn’t surprise me. If a stranger does grope him, should he put them on blast and say #metoo? Likely not, as he understands it comes with the terrority considering what he does.

    I would hate to be your friend because all it would take is one thing to irritate you and that would be a wrap right? #metoo is supposed to be about being raped, molested, having a boss force sex to keep your job, etc. Not petty shit like this, if that is the worst thing you can think of regarding him, then yeah, your really petty.

  • LoveCoates

    I would hate to be your friend too since you are clearly a drama queen who gets angry and fly off the handle based on words you invent and put in someone else’s mouth.

    Nowhere did I say I “cut him off” or that his horseplay was “harmless” or “nefarious” or that I was giving a #MeToo story. Those are all your exagerrated, hysterial babbling. Saying that someone *meant* no harm is not the same as saying there was no harm done. And I specifically said that Romeo and I remain friendly, which is the exact opposite of cutting someone off, so what are you babbling and freaking out about?

    We aren’t talking about PORN STARS!!!1111!!! we’re talking about one specific porn star known to his fans as Topher DiMaggio. Don’t project and generalize his behavior onto thousands of dudes to muddy the waters. I know plenty of porn stars and have dated one who is/was rather gaymous. NONE of them display the boundaries issues I have witnessed with Romeo that he has been admonished about many times by those who care about him.

    Nice try tho!

  • grandmastergdogg

    “So I’m always friendly with him but have kept him at arms length” If you still think he is your friend you don’t know the definition. That means you say Hi and keep it moving. Once again talking out of both sides of your mouth. Either that or you reveal yourself to be a fake ass individual.

    “We aren’t talking about PORN STARS”

    This started with Tegan Zane (A porn star) accusing Topher (a porn star) why jump in the conversation if you don’t know whats going on?

    “Saying that someone *meant* no harm is not the same as saying there was no harm done.”
    Ok what fucking harm has occurred to you in that situation? Seems like an irrelevant point and saying “Ok boo thats enough” is not the same as saying “no get the fuck off me” Yet im the drama queen? Well it must take one to know one.

    You say im putting words into your mouth but when did I say being a porn star grants a green light to do whatever they want? I am saying you have to understand their behavior in the context of what they do for a living.

    Describe your “horseplay” event being done by a regular person and it would sound much more egregious than when a porn star does it. See the distinction?

  • LoveCoates

    Sorry drama queen, but I’m going to continue to manage my friendships the way I want, no matter how much you cry about it. Yes, like most people, there are plenty who I’m friendly with that I’m not close to. Why that concept is oh-so-difficult for you to grasp, I’m sure I don’t know. Your very odd belief that everybody friendly and nice to you should also be your bosom buddy is probably related to you being such a an angry, bitter, melodramatic, whiny little b*tch.

    Not in my book it didn’t start with Tegan Zayne. It started with plenty I know personally who aren’t porn stars and who have witnessed or been subject to Romeo’s lack of boundaries. But still, Tegan Zane doesn’t have boundary issues. Most porn stars don’t have boundary issues. Wy you can’t get that through your thick skull, I don’t know, but no matter how you try to use “porn star” as an excuse for sexual assault it will never be one. Topher being a porn star is irrelevant to his lack of boundaries because most porn stars respect boundaries. There is no context — porn star or not — where ignoring others’ boundaries is okay. So, no, I don’t have to understand Romeo ignoring boundaries and sexually assaulting people in the context of his profession, which is not relevant to that. Engaging in rape behaviors has absolutely nothing whatsoever with being a porn star, nice try.

    I don’t need your permission to be irritated when someone invades my physical space, ignores my boundaries, and refuses to stop — which is just one example of his aggressive, oddball behavior. Clearly harm was done to our relationship by his inability to respect boundaries. And him being a porn star has jack squat to do with this. Anyone who invades my personal space with physical aggression and refuses to quit it when asked is going to irritate me. You may worship porn stars — I don’t. I don’t give a crap how you make your money. It’s not relevant

  • grandmastergdogg

    People like you are whats wrong with the community. Just fake as hell.

    I am friendly with the mailman, co-workers, heck I try to be with all people I encounter but I would not label any of them a “Friend” as a result. See the distinction? You cannot have it both ways. Not only are you fake, your clearly lacking intelligence as well.

    Girl please, I don’t believe any of that name dropping “I know personally” stuff your trying to pull so you can spare me.. Your the type that hires an escort 2 or 3 times and claiming that’s your ex. Going to a Beyonce Concert and she brushes up against you so your claiming you know her personally. For someone who knows so many porn stars you seem to be very sexually prudish. Someone pretending to hump you causes that much psychological turmoil? Do you even know what a drama queen is? That seems like a classic example.

    Tegan gave consent, didn’t want Topher to cum inside of him, he did yet that is not sexual assault. Its equally funny because Tegan catches loads literally for a living.

    In the short time of this conversation you have revealed yourself to be fake, petty and stupid. This is a devastating combination.
    Your bothered because you know there is truth to what I am saying.

  • LoveCoates

    Being friendly with the mailman but not being his best friend has nothing to do with being fake, except to people who are blindingly stupid. Most people understand that you can’t be best friends with everyone, and that there are more options on the friendship spectrum than being super close and hating someone. I don’t have any problem figuring this out, and I feel sorry for people who are so emotionally unintelligent that they do. And 10,000% certain I am a million times smarter than you. Like, not even close boo lol

    I don’t give a rat’s behind what you believe lol

    Having boundaries is not prudish. Expecting your boundaries to be respected when verbalized is not prudish. Not allowing anyone to invade your physical space whenever they want for as long as they want is not prudish. Having boundaries is key to mature, well-adjusted adulthood. Immature, childish,m maladjusted crybabies like you being unable to understand boundaries is why America has a rape problem.

    But again, even if boundaries were prudish, so what? The key part that rapey imbeciles can’t understand is that *it doesn’t matter what you arrogant rapey dudes think of someone else’s boundaries.* They get to decide their boundaries, NOT YOU. Most porn stars don’t have a problem with respecting boundaries, and that’s not going to stop being true no matter how much you whine, cry, b*tch, and moan about it. Get over it, hunty.

    Consenting to bareback sex on a porn set does not give license to for a porn star’s sex partners to do whatever they want with him off set, regardless of what the person says. Only rapey idiots can’t figure this out (most porn stars can).

    You’ve revealed yourself to be arrogant, a liar, a rape apologist, a clown, and a immature tool who doesn’t understand the concept of boundries and needs to grow up You are literally one of the biggest morons on the planet. Your stupidity and ignorance are not a problem for me; I am unbothered. I’m just not going to let the dishonest, pro-rape bullcrap you spew go unchallenged. Sorry that triggers you, snowflake LOLOLOL

  • grandmastergdogg

    Oh, so now its “Best” friend lol.. Im 10,000% sure your fake as hell.

    So your Tophers supposed friend but your on a blog dragging him? Claiming that the one (“no harm”) incident that happened to you makes the other ridiculous claims seem valid? Yeah b*tch, some friend you are.

    America also has a responsibility problem. There are no standards to this #metoo movement and as a result every nutcase is coming forward with the slightest indignation and being believed blindly.

    I speak up because I want the legitimate cases to be believed and not for this to end up as a joke, which it quickly is devolving into.

    When police are stumped on a case, they reach out to the public through the media and ask for help. What typically happens is they are flooded with calls and 90%+ are bogus. They know that because those people only knew what has already been made public. Where is that filter in these situations?

    I’ve personally seen strippers or porn stars walk into a crowd and hands are grabbing them everywhere. Would it be fair for those strippers and porn stars to publicly put those people on blast?

  • LoveCoates

    I’m 1000% you’re a garbage human being and an immature, arrogant lunatic.

    The kind of a friend I am is a way better friend than you: giving honest feedback and encouraging them to be better men. You’re obviously the type of crap friend typical of the trashy, superficial, fake af LA basics Romeo needs to stop hanging out with. A bunch of immature babies with no self respect that translates to zero respect for others’ boundaries, all enabling each others’ sh*tty choices because they’re fragile morons who can’t handle correction or criticism. *Real* friends tell each other when they need to get it together. Obviously you have none, and considering how gross your personality is here, that’s not a surprise.

    Making excuses for a guy who won’t take responsibility for his choice to repeatedly ignore others boundaries, trying to blame it on him being in porn, is cognitive dissonance at its worst.

    Romeo has major boundary problems. I know because I have witnessed it many times firsthand, as have many others. You can whine, cry, tantrum, and stomp your feet about it is much as you want, it’s not going to change the fact that he has a boundary problem he needs to work on. Denial isn’t is going to hurt me, boo. He’s the one accused of rape by three people and his aggressive disrespect of others’ boundaries is WELL known in West Hollywood.

    If he wants to grow up, man up, acknowledge he has a problem and fix it he can. If he wants to continue to live in a world of immature enablers and denial, that’s his life. But those who know him will not be joining him and the rapey losers making excuses in their fantasy land. Sorry!

  • grandmastergdogg

    I responded to you with a sound a logical argument, you ignored it all and proceeded to go into emotional, hysterical, bitch-fit.
    Clearly your bothered lol.

    I am not a fanboy, I am examining the claims and making a decision based off how credible the claims appear.

    Let me ask you this fakey, if you are such a good friend why is it you did not dial his number (which a actual friend would have) and get his side of the story before you come to the blogs and assume guilt? *bomb*

    When it comes to sexual crimes we tend to have a knee jerk reaction without actually examining the credibility of the claims. You getting humped on the dance floor (which some immature guys see as flirtation) is not the same as holding someone down and brutally raping them. The fact that you are equating or giving it credibility based off that, makes YOU the fucked up one. (Great “friend” too)

    When did you ever have a conversation to articulate your issues with him? Do you think “Ok boo thats enough?” really emphasizes your intent? You didn’t check him, Yet I’m the enabler??

    I know nothing of west hollywood or LA, so it’s projection, you going about ME being fake, arrogant, etc. The way you speak, the namedropping, calling everybody your friend, all while displaying narcissism and a grand sense of self-importance? Sounds like a fake individual if you ask me lol

  • LoveCoates

    Except that your argument was neither sound nor logical and thus not even worth dignifying. It goes without saying that nobody — nobody — is allowed to grope someone else against their will, especially after being told to stop. Why would I dignify a suggestion otherwise?

    Let me ask you this, rapey, why do you repeatedly state falsely that I assume his guilt when I have now said twice that “he deserves a presumption of innocence.” Like, are you illiterate or do you not know what the word “innocence” means? Or are you just a mentally disturbed pathological liar?

    “You getting humped on the dance floor is not the same as holding someone down and brutally raping them.” Aaaaaaand my *very first post* states thus plainly: “Clearly, horseplay and rape are not the same thing.” So again, are you illiterate?

    What is the same, is that all these instances point to a pattern of aggressive behavior indicating boundary problems. Again, nobody is having trouble understanding this but you. Romeo’s boundary issues are well known to those who know him, and will continue to be well known until he takes steps to fix it — no matter how much you cry, whine, and tantrum about it.

    You don’t know what conversations I have and have not had with Romeo, but again, if you would try reading (although I’m not sure it will help since you obviously have major reading comprehension problems) you would note that, yet again, my *very first post* here states that those of us in his orbit have warned him multiple times about his behavior. Oops.

    Sounds like an illiterate, rapey enabler who needs to stop embarrassing himself if you ask me lol

  • grandmastergdogg

    So now just disagreeing with you makes me a rapist as well? lol Again devaluing the very concept.

    “Clearly, horseplay and rape are not the same thing.” So again, are you illiterate?”

    Ask yourself that question, you are the one making it seem as if your ridiculous story gives the others credibility (I have pointed this out multiple times) It’s like I am talking to a child.

    “why do you repeatedly state falsely that I assume his guilt?”

    Among other things i’ve already stated, You are calling me a rape-enabler, this means you have come to the
    conclusion that by defending this guy I am defending a rapist. Umm hello??

    You love talking out of both sides of your mouth (each time revealing a fake demeanor)

    As far as “boundary problems” my whole point was that porn stars of course have boundaries, they are just not THE SAME as normal people (underline that bitch). That is what your simple mind fails to realize. There are things they do and experience in a normal day that regular people do not. They are sex workers, that is common sense. I don’t need to know this person or that person to figure that out. If you want your delicate sensibilities respected perhaps you should stop hanging out with porn stars, escorts and hoes?

    Hell everything you described as horseplay Andrew Cristian pays him to do! He has a video where is humping a “str8” boy and showing him sex positions. calling a porn star physically aggressive is not the same as suggesting they are capable of rape (which you are insinuating)

    “Again, nobody is having trouble understanding this but you.” Umm have you read some of these comments? Most people are giving these “accusers” the side eye. (especially Tegan)

    You didn’t say “Those of us in his orbit” you said he was warned. So now, not only do you “know” him, you know everybody he knows? (A further display of a Grandiose sense of self-importance, narcissism)

    Your claiming that by airing him out on a porn blog (he likely doesn’t even read) is going to somehow “Help” him and your a “better friend” for doing that? If you did speak with him about this specific incident your narcissistic ass would you have said so from the jump. Fake as press on nails!