10 Trans YouTubers You Should Be Watching

10 Trans YouTubers You Should Be Watching

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There are so many content creators on YouTube, creating videos based on any and every niche interest you could think of. You wanna watch a video essay explaining every season of Pretty Little Liars or a walkthrough on a boss fight in Elden Ring you just can’t beat? It’s all on YouTube, ready for you to find and watch. There are also a ton of really fantastic trans YouTubers making all types of content.

YouTube has proven to be an invaluable resource for many trans people, specifically as a platform that hosts personal stories of transitioning. Over the years many trans content creators have used YouTube to document their journeys and struggles with surgeries and hormone treatments, or simply to weigh in on issues that affect them as trans people.

But that’s despite the platform often being gravely unsupportive of trans YouTubers and the greater trans community. YouTube has a track record of demonetizing the content of trans creators, or age-restricting their videos. More than anything, many trans YouTubers complain about the platform’s lack of transparency.

Which makes it all the more important that we support the work of our trans siblings on YouTube! One major way of supporting and uplifting trans YouTubers is simply by watching their content.

We’ve made that easy for you by putting together a list of 10 of our favorite trans YouTubers. Maybe you’re already familiar with some of them!

1. JammieDodger (he/him)

Jamie is a trans man who makes reaction and commentary videos. He often reacts to memes and TikToks related to the LGBTQ community. He has also documented different parts of his transition and his life as a trans man.

You can also find Jamie on Instagram and Twitter.

2. Samantha Lux (she/her)

Samantha is a trans woman, also making commentary content. She reacts to a variety of things and also looks at a lot of media and current events that affect trans women. She has also made videos about her personal life and struggles.

You can also find Samantha on Twitter and Instagram.

3. Brennen Beckwith (he/ey/they)

Brennen also makes react content, though he also makes longform video essays, looking at representation in media, especially relating to nerd culture and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ey also has a great podcast with Storm Ryan (he/they) where the two of them discuss different transmasculine-related topics, which is currently on hiatus, though we’re eagerly awaiting its return.

You can also find Brennen on Twitter and Instagram.

4. Contrapoints (she/her)

Natalie is a trans woman who creates video essays exploring a wide range of topics like politics, gender, ethics, race and philosophy. She does deep dives on different concepts in well-produced and thought-inducing videos.

You can also find Natalie on Twitter and Instagram.

5. Sam Collins (he/him)

Sam is a trans man who makes primarily react content, looking at everything from the ridiculousness that happens on different sides of TikTok to homophobic and transphobic people speaking at public meetings, like the woman in the “Anime Turned My Child Trans” video.

You can also find Sam on Twitter and Instagram.

6. Gamechamp3000 (she/they)

Gamechamp3000 is a nonbinary trans woman. She makes video game related content, including a bunch of crazy challenges that you never would have thought to try out. Have you ever wondered how many moons you can collect in Super Mario Odyssey without jumping? Well, she has the answer for you.

You can also find Gamechamp on Twitter.

7. NoahFinnce (he/him)

Noah is a trans man who does react content looking at LGBTQ-related TikToks and memes, along with more personal things like videos with his boyfriend and storytime-type videos about coming out as trans. Noah is also a musician, making pop-punk music.

You can also find Noah on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify.

8. Jessie Gender (she/they)

Jessie is a trans woman whose content primarily focuses on Star Trek, which includes episode reviews. She also looks at current events and nerd culture relating to the LGBTQ community, such as JK Rowling’s vicious transphobia. If you like Star Trek, you should definitely check out their content. And if you’re not a Trekkie, she’s got a video to help you jump on the Star Trek bandwagon.

You can also find Jessie on Twitter.

9. TyTurner (he/him)

Ty Turner is a trans man who makes content related to being trans. He does react content but he also does more original content as well. He recently started a series about workout routines that are best for FTM people.

You can also find Ty on Twitter and Instagram.

10. PhilosophyTube (She/Her)

Similar to Contrapoints, Abigail makes philosophy-related content, which she started to do as a way to make philosophy accessible when university costs in England were raised back in 2012. Abigail came out last year and made a really amazing video about identity and how it tied into her coming out journey.

You can also find Abigail on Twitter.

Are there any trans YouTubers you love to watch?

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