Watch 7 Users Explain Why Queer People Need SPACES Now More Than Ever

Watch 7 Users Explain Why Queer People Need SPACES Now More Than Ever

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These user testimonials are part of a new reel highlighting the necessary work being done by the SPACES team and the investment opportunities of its <a href="" data-w-id="1fdec171-9980-41bd-5a8b-310fd7db7fec" data-wf-id="["1fdec171-9980-41bd-5a8b-310fd7db7fec"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">current Wefunder campaign. Following the app’s successful March 1 launch and <a href="" data-w-id="9fce72bb-1659-0476-6af9-638cf0da9848" data-wf-id="["9fce72bb-1659-0476-6af9-638cf0da9848"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">explosive growth since, the same team behind queer social network <a href="" data-w-id="735040e5-db04-b1e6-12c2-cf4ccb5307f5" data-wf-id="["735040e5-db04-b1e6-12c2-cf4ccb5307f5"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">Hornet (35 million users worldwide) is offering investment opportunities to the same community it serves. To date, SPACES has raised more than $800,000, including from several well-known tech industry names.

Watch the new SPACES reel, which excerpts user-submitted testimonials, here:

Here’s what 7 current SPACES users have to say about the need for safe social platforms and why our app is needed now more than ever:

“Safe social platforms like SPACES are important because everyone needs to have a community that wants what’s best for you, no matter what that is.”

“Having a safe social media platform for queer people is necessary and much-needed. We deserve to have a platform where we can go and feel comfortable being our true, authentic selves without ridicule, bullying or judgment. And it gives us the opportunity to connect with others who understand our struggles and identify with who we are.”

Host of <a href="" data-w-id="7b7a9b63-a179-7b4a-a45d-09d1179c5d4a" data-wf-id="["7b7a9b63-a179-7b4a-a45d-09d1179c5d4a"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">LGBT(V), <a href="" data-w-id="81500218-efc9-310e-4c1b-226595e4136a" data-wf-id="["81500218-efc9-310e-4c1b-226595e4136a"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">Bear With Me, The Radical Left, Bey Hive: Renaissance Fair and more

Host of The MCU Queer Multiverse, Queer Thread Art, <a href="" data-w-id="96766a47-181a-71d2-b6c1-13d7655ed896" data-wf-id="["96766a47-181a-71d2-b6c1-13d7655ed896"]" data-automation-id="dyn-item-post-body-input">Hookup Horror Stories and more

“What’s most amazing to me is seeing the sheer diversity of SPACES users, not just in how they personally identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, but also the crazy range of interests represented in the app!”



Queer Spaces Inc. is building SPACES, a group chat platform for queer communities, and the first app to serve the entirety of the LGBTQ+ spectrum. It’s a place for all queer people to connect over their favorite topics and interests, plan meetups and hang out. It’s where we can easily discover and join the specific communities — worldwide fandoms, local teams and organizations, close friends — that matter to us most, some public and others invite-only, all on a platform where we can safely be our true, authentic selves. More information at



Hornet Networks is the world’s leading queer tech company, providing a digital home for LGBTQ+ people to safely connect with each other — anytime, anywhere. Amplifying the radical, affirmative power of the queer community with cutting-edge technology, Hornet is a queer social network serving over 35 million users worldwide. Hornet’s wide range of features from video to chat make it easy and safe for queer people to share experiences with a community that understands and validates their lives. More information at

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